Kindness means more to teams than you might think

When dealing with groups of people there will always be some frustration. People will make mistakes. They will be tired, and sometimes a bit grumpy…even with coffee!

It is when things are at their toughest that kindness and positive words make the greatest difference.

You may think that negative feedback, or black hat comments, or “constructive critique” is of great benefit. Sometimes it is to one person. If done in private and with respect. It really isn’t for the team. Positive and motivating words create positive responses. Kindness can generate greater engagement and respect throughout the team.

A great analogy I read about recently makes a colourful point.

A single cockroach will completely destroy the positive impression of a bowl of cherries.

(Notably, a single cherry does little to increase the attractiveness of a bowl of cockroaches!)

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Nathan Jones

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