What we’ve done

Some examples of our work

Major Multidisciplinary Program of Work

A major program, involving construction, education, commercial agreements, and new ways of working had been underway for almost 6 months. Almost nothing had been achieved! We were called in to see what we could do.

Read about how we breathed life into a multimillion dollar program that attracted the attention of major international businesses, who then made the decision to become investment partners!

Benefits Management

When faced with a long list of projects, people crying out for more people, time and money, who has the time to demonstrate benefits?

It takes more than a simple list and a calculator to really make benefits stick.

Read how we changed the way that the organisation managed benefits in a way that could be agreed upon and supported into the future, and adapted to the changing business environment.

SAP Implementation

A utility decided to implement SAP as a change to their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. We were asked to lead the design, training, and implementation of the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) components, as well as the associated integrations with other process areas.

Read how we created a model that supported the business, not just the new IT system!

Small Business Problem

Unexpectedly called into the GM’s office at a company I was training in Cert IV in Competitive Manufacturing, I was presented with their dilemma. The 30-person company was on credit hold with all of their major suppliers, they were unable to meet their customer demands, and orders were being cancelled everyday. This company was about to go out of business.

Read how we gave the business a new lease of life, restored their financial position and supported them to rebuild. It is very satisfying to know that the work you do saves jobs and the dignity of hard workers!

Construction - Utilities

A major utility in gas and electricity had year on year delivered only part of their construction program. These programs of well into the hundreds of millions of dollars were of particular concern to the executives, the regulator, as well as business and domestic consumers. The people who were responsible for the governance of the program were lacking confidence that this year would be any different after only 4 months. We were asked to restore confidence, provide a realistic view on what could be achieved, and then deliver on those expectations.

Read how we restored confidence and successfully supported the delivery of a major body of utilities construction and maintenance work in only a few months!

Supply Chain Quality

Your biggest customer, a large multinational manufacturer, just upgraded its facility through the procurement of new equipment. This new piece of kit was marketed as being able to manufacture their products faster, and with a reduction in some raw materials.

You just received a call. They aren't happy because you now aren't meeting their needs for supply quality and speed.

What can you do?

Read how we turned things around.

Sales Operations Planning

Imagine the scenario where sales teams are incentivized with bonuses for sales contracts based on the initial order, but the contract allows changes of product and quantity with 48 hours of delivery. Imagine how thrilled the operations teams are to have those changes be made, with some long lead time materials taking six months to get! Bring on the fireworks!

Read how we gave control back to the business and implemented a collaboration that respected various perspectives and saw different teams work together to deliver for the customer, rather than battling each other!


A large multinational manufacturer upgraded its facility through the procurement of new equipment. This new piece of kit was marketed as being able to manufacture their products faster, and with a reduction in some raw materials required. The manufacturing company wanted to make sure that new formulations would be able to meet the performance standard required even with the reduced material usage.

Read how we turned around 6 months of delays and managed risk to deliver a major production change with data driven decisions.

Small Business - Lean

During a training session that I was running in Cert IV in Competitive Manufacturing for a small manufacturing business, I was challenged to prove that what I was teaching about the benefits of Lean could apply in their case, and not just for big businesses.

Read how we helped this small business cut huge costs from their working capital while at the same time reduce their time to delivery by months for their now much happier customers!

5S Implementation

At a large multinational manufacturing business, the Australian Managing Director had implemented a 5S program to improve the productivity and safety performance of the sites across the country. After a year, no noticeable improvement had been observed. The business wanted to improve things.

Read about how we turned a failing program into the benchmark standard for the APAC region!