Your IT Project probably isn’t….

Saying that your project is an IT project because it is based on a computer system is a bit like saying that any piece of paper in your business with words on it must be managed by an English Literature graduate.

I’m not suggesting that English Literature is a bad thing, far from it (but that is a conversation for another day..). What I am saying is that applying this level of logic prevents you getting the best outcome.

You aren’t running the project to have awesome code, or great API utilization.

You are running the project to achieve a better business outcome. You are probably even using the word Customer a lot while you do it.

There is very likely a need for the expertise of IT professionals in this. They know how to put things together and make them get the outcomes once clear. Even the English Literature graduate is of great use to decipher and translate user manuals and effective communication to motivate, inspire and clarify.

To make those business outcomes clear you need a professional project manager with experience in business processes from end to end. You need to include your customers.

Things like Business Requirements and User Stories are often skipped by IT project people in favour of technical specifications and Architecture. All useful and important things. Not the things that are going to make your customers want to support the project, or the thing you create from it.

Consider the skills you need before just rushing to IT Project Management for the whole thing. Perhaps what you need is someone who can work well with the IT group to make business outcomes and customer needs higher priorities than code.

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Nathan Jones